Yuri Elkaim Review


Eating for Energy

One of the most popular raw food diet programs ever published.

This program is not only about losing weight. It also helps slow down aging which makes you look younger.
A dedicated team is available 24 hours a day for support.
This raw food diet is 100% natural: no special supplements or pills are required.

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Total Wellness Cleanse

A cleansing program supplying you with 10 weeks of meal plans and whole food-based cleansing recipes. It will cleanse your body and give it a break from toxic foods.

Total Wellness Cleanse is a 100% FOOD-BASED cleansing program. No detox pills and supplements are involved.
You will be supported daily via email, their Cleanse Group on Facebook, and through hours of pre-recorded teleclasses.
Besides losing weight you will dramatically enhance the health of your body.

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Super Nutrition Academy

Super Nutrition Academy is a twelve month nutrition program that teaches you every aspect regarding health and nutrition. It’s an easy to understand process which you follow in just ONE hour a week.

Super Nutrition Academy is focussed on improving the quality of life by consuming more healthy whole raw foods.
The course exists of one year of weekly coachings. These easy to follow training lessons are 30-60 minutes each.
Each course can be watched in several ways: online, as download on a PC or Tablet, or as a PDF-transcript.

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Interesting resources

For more specific information on raw food Wikipedia is a great resource:

Yuri published a lot of usefull material online.
He has his own Youtube Channel with lots of video’s with tips and tricks.

Popular items on his channel:
Eating Raw Foods – The Good and the Bad
Ask Yuri: A weekly Youtube ‘show’ in which he answers questions from his fans and followers.
Apple cider vinegar: Yuri explains the health benefits of apple cider vinegar.
Amazing abs solution: A video course about getting amazing abs.
Smoothie recipes: Learn how to make a green smoothie from simple ingredients.